Product Terms & Conditions

Pricing & Payment Terms:

  • The prices advertised are inclusive of VAT.
  • Stock items require full payment on written order confirmation. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required if we have to order stock from our supplier, and the balance on the arrival of stock in South Africa. If payment is made by EFT, a 3 day clearance period will apply. All products will remain property of Sit In Trend (Pty) Ltd until fully paid for.
  • All bank charges for payments from regional countries will be for the client’s account, the amount due on the invoice is what should reflect in SIT’s account.
  • Orders will be accepted upon receipt of an official customer purchase order and signed terms and conditions.
  • The quote is valid for 20 days only due to the fluctuating exchange rates.

Delivery & Installation Terms:

  • Delivery will be an additional amount should it be required – please specify for a quote.
  • For deliveries required to smaller towns or suburbs away from a main city center, an additional fee will be applicable.
  • Delivery should be accepted within 1 month of the arrival of goods, thereafter a 3% storage fee per month will be charged. Prices are valid for 30 days after which we will re-quote according to the exchange rate.
  • SIT does not deliver across South African borders.
  • Lead times: 12 weeks from written order confirmation and 50% non-refundable deposit received with balance before delivery. Ex stock items is 5 working days for JHB deliveries and 10 working days for national deliveries.
  • SIT will not be held liable for loss or damage resulting from storage on our premises or the customer’s premises, due to delays in opening or construction of the building or restaurant.
  • SIT will not be held liable for late deliveries due to freight delays which seldom happens such as port congestion, strikes, custom stops or acts of nature.
  • Delivery times are between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm Monday to Friday.
  • Should the client request delivery outside of specific working hours of SIT, it will be calculated an hourly rate.

Returns Policy:

  • Under no circumstances may goods be returned to SIT after delivery without prior written agreement, in the event of SIT agreeing to accept returned goods a 20% handling fee will be charged. Return period is 7 working days from items delivered.
  • Once the goods have been received, the responsibility for the care of the product will be with the customer.
  • SIT requires that a representative is available at the time of delivery to check the delivery and sign the relevant documentation.
  • The customer has 7 days in which to report any irregularities with the delivery or order placed and return goods without penalties.

Service & Guarantees:

  • Products are suitable for indoor OR outdoor use as specified in the product description on the website.
  • It is always advisable for customers to view a sample product before placing any orders. Sample swatches may vary slightly from the item ordered for which SIT is not liable.
  • Products are guaranteed for 2 years with regards to normal wear and tear.

Terms of Guarantee:

This Guarantee Voucher is only valid from the date of TAX INVOICE.

In keeping with our Promise of Style and Quality at affordable prices, Sit in Trend (Pty) Ltd, is confident that we provide the most efficient product and best value. Our guarantee is strictly on Normal Wear and Tear. All products are guaranteed as stated in our Terms and Conditions as listed below and should be followed when installing our products to avoid breach.

Chair Structures/Shells & Frames

  • Anodised aluminium, stainless steel and powder-coated frames are guaranteed against rust and corrosion. They can be used outdoor and indoor, safe for coastal regions.
  • Chromed frames are to be used strictly indoor use only.
  • Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, PA6 Nylon and Hyrek shells are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. They are safe to be used along the coast. UV resistant.
  • Polyurethane shells are to be used strictly indoor use only.
  • Precautions for use:
    • Place frames on flat horizontal surfaces.
    • Chairs should not be used on wet or slippery floors as the frame could buckle, with weight or pressure, in these cases, the guarantee will be voided.
    • Do not rock the chair, backwards and forwards.
    • Do not sit on the backrest.
    • Do not use the chair as a ladder.
    • Only use in the way it is intended to be used.
    • If the chairs are stacked, they must not be dragged or moved around manually.
    • The footrest on a bar and nook stool is there to REST your feet only, do not stand on it as damage from this is not normal wear & tear.
    • MAXIMUM LOADING WEIGHT – 125kg (some chairs allow more, please enquire)


Fabric is not guaranteed unless fabric, stitching and/or gluing is faulty.

Table Tops

All tops are not stackable. (May cause scratching if stacked).

  • Light colour Werzalit tops are safe to be used outdoors, indoors and at the coastal regions. Dark colour Werzalit tops are strictly for indoor use only.
  • Glass tops are NOT scratch resistant. Safe for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Stainless Steel tops with a bevelled edge are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Suitable for coastal use. Stainless steel Inox 2 tops are suitable for Indoor use only.
  • Polypropylene or Technopolymer tops are UV resistant but should not be stacked and sharp items should not be used DIRECTLY onto the product as this will scratch and damage the product.
  • Do not sit on the tops in general, and especially on the corners of the tops, as this will make the support structure under the top snap over time and is not considered normal wear & tear.

Table Bases

If table bases are purchased without tops the guarantee falls away, but if bases and tops are purchased from SIT the guarantee will be upheld.

  • Anodised aluminium, stainless steel and powder-coated bases are guaranteed against rust and corrosion. Can be used outdoor and indoor, safe for coastal regions.
  • Chromed bases are to be used strictly indoors and preferably not at the Coast.
  • If tables bases are purchased without tops, standard tops should be used for the base, to still be guaranteed, as bases are produced according to the weight that they can handle. Any product will Not be guaranteed if violent physical damage has been done, as products are made according to standard terms of usage.
  • Maximum weight recommended for any tabletop is 15-20kg
  • Maximum size top on a Canteen base recommended is 80x80cm square and on a Bar height table 700mm round.

Cleaning Instructions

  • All products can be cleaned using weak washing liquid, warm water and a soft cloth unless otherwise instructed by the installation team and or suppliers. No heavy abrasive products eg; Handy Andy to be used

SIT will accept no liability for any damages caused to property or persons subsequent to incorrect handling of products. Upon receipt of any complaint, our maintenance team will be sent out to evaluate the damage caused. Determining whether this is normal wear and tear or customer negligence, we will assist you in the correct manner.

Website Terms & Conditions

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